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Certificates and Minors

Whether you're majoring in psychology, engineering, advertising, finance - or anything in between - a background in business provides a valuable skill set for the professional world, no matter where career may lead you.

McCombs Minors and Certificates for Undergraduates

A couple of notes on minors & certificates: 

  • The minors and certificates available to you are based on your catalog 
  • Minors and certificates are not required to complete a BBA degree
  • After you apply and are approved, you must ask your advisor to officially attach your minor or certificate to your degree
  • You may only have one minor attached to your degree; you may have as many certificates as you'd like
  • You may not earn a minor in the same field of study as your major
  • All courses for a minor must be taken on a letter-grade basis
  • Minors will show up on your transcript, but must be completed by the time you graduate with your major, whereas certificates can be completed up to one year post-graduation

Please visit Texas Business Options for more details on the minors and certificates that McCombs offers