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Apply for an MPA Internship now!

Round out your Texas McCombs MPA education with hands-on experience by interning at major business partners for course credit. A popular internship approach during the spring semester comprises half the semester interning, and then half a semester taking accelerated courses for additional degree progress. Summer and fall internships are also available. Internships emphasize leadership, teamwork and client/management interaction and will give you a practical view of organizations, practice areas and locations that may be suitable career options. In addition, you will find that internships often lead to job offers.

The internship program is designed to give you an opportunity to combine your formal academic preparation with an exposure to the accounting profession. This experience is beneficial not only upon graduation but also during the remainder of you time in the MPA program. In addition, you'll become more aware of the skills needed to be successful in the accounting profession.*

Three hours of graduate internship credit is granted for the completion of at least 320 hours of work activity that requires regular and rigorous use of knowledge and skills learned in the MPA program. This not only includes internships in public accounting but also internships in all other market sectors that meet this standard, such as financial services, industry, consulting, investment banking, etc.

You will typically complete an internship in the spring and/or summer semester(s). If you decide to complete an internship in public accounting during the spring "busy season," you can opt to intern for approximately half of the semester and complete two condensed courses in the other half of the semester. This arrangement allows you the opportunity to be enrolled full-time, make significant degree progress, and (in most cases) complete an internship without postponing your expected graduation date. If you want to intern for an entire academic semester (fall, spring, or summer), your graduation date will most likely be postponed.

*Internships are required for integrated MPA students but are an optional component of the traditional MPA curriculum. Internships completed prior to the start of the MPA program will not count as credit toward the MPA degree.

Learn more about MPA internships here.

Employer Commitments

Nature and Duration of Employment

The internship must contain a major accounting component requiring supervised professional judgment. The intern must work a minimum of 320 hours.

Internship Training

An integral part of the internship is the formal training program provided by the sponsoring firm or company. Students will submit an Internship Information Form filled out by their supervisor.

Post-Employment Evaluation

The employer provides a brief evaluation of the intern's performance at the conclusion of the internship. While the firm may opt to instead submit their own form, the program office would prefer the standard evaluation whenever possible.  However, we will gladly accept either.  Submission information is on the bottom of the form.

Student Commitments

Employment Log

Interns are responsible for keeping a daily journal, in their own words, of their internship. Journals consist of a chronological listing of work experiences, formal training, and a description of assignments and tasks performed. The number of hours worked each week as well as the numbers of hours worked to date must be included.

Writing Requirement

The intern writes a paper demonstrating the knowledge gained from the internship experience and the ability to integrate that knowledge with the intern's formal education to date. The intern must answer the questions in the prompt.

Nature of Academic Credit

Internships are evaluated on a credit/no credit basis for three hours of graduate business credit (traditional MPA) or graduate credit (integrated MPA).

Intership Syllabi

For specific internship details, see the Internship Syllabus containing requirements and deadlines for Fall, Spring, or Summer.

Apply for an MPA Internship now!

Interns must have their applications approved prior to beginning their internships. If applications are not submitted by the due date, the completion of an additional research assignment will be required before approval.

If you have already applied for an internship, you can check your internship status.

Questions about internships should be directed to the Internship Coordinator at: