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I'm Being Dropped For Not Meeting Prerequisites. Why?


If you were directed to this page due to not meeting prerequisites, it means our system has identified you as not meeting the prerequisites for a course. There are a couple reasons this might happen, but if you received this message, you need to take one of the actions below or you will be dropped. 


Common Reasons Students Receive this Message:

  • You don't meet the prerequisite(s). If this is the case and you will not be meeting the prerequisite by the deadline, you will be dropped from the course. This can be due to a couple factors such as Q-dropping or failing a prereq course after registration or dropping a course during add/drops that was a corequisite for something else you were registered for.
    • Some classes are set with their prerequisites as "informer." When set this way, the system will allow you to register with the assumption that you will take care of the prerequisite issue before classes begin. However, the prereqs are still listed in the course schedule and are still enforced.


  • You have an approved Degree Modification Request (DMR) for an alternate course. For example, if a course requires MKT 337 as a prereq and you have an approved DMR to substitute a different course in its place, you have to complete a documentation of prerequisite fulfillment for every course that requires MKT 337 as a prerequisite. If you are in this situation and have not done this, please submit that request here:


  • You are taking the prerequisite course somewhere else and it hasn't transferred in. In this case, the course will need to have a final grade and you will need to submit proof via the prerequisite fulfillment documentation form: If you do not have a final grade, we cannot use this as prerequisite or corequisite fulfillment and you will be dropped.


  • You are a non-business student who is part of a minor such as BEOP or Real Estate that provides access to specific courses. Occasionally some students do not receive the secondary waiver that prevents dropping. If you are supposed to have access to a course based on your minor and you meet the prerequisites for the course, please e-mail 


  • You are a non-business exchange student. If you meet the prerequisite based on coursework taken at your home institution, please send a copy of your transcript to


  • Mistakes were made. Unfortunately sometimes things get messed up. If you feel like you received this message in error, please e-mail
    • Mistakes do not include trying to bend the rules or avoiding a prerequisite. If you do not meet the prerequisites and you know this is the case, please make sure to change your schedule as soon as possible. Our registration manager is one person trying to manage all of the McCombs undergraduate population along with non-business students trying to take business courses and may be required to deprioritize your e-mail if you are essentially asking for an exception to the rules.