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Registration Issues

I'm missing a class I need in order to graduate for Fall 2022. Can you help?

  • If you are missing a class and you must take it to graduate in Fall 2022, please fill out the Graduating Senior Petition as soon as possible. We will accommodate on a space-available basis.


I'm trying to add a class that's full. What can I do?

  • Add yourself to the waitlist if there is one.
  • If there is no waitlist, keep trying to add during all available add times.
  • If other sections are open, add one of them. To achieve a full schedule, students often need to be flexible about times and instructors.
  • After add/drop periods, if all the sections are closed and you MUST take the class this semester, you may meet with the Registration staff during the first class days.


I'm trying to switch sections using the waitlists, but it's not working. Can you help me?

  • We cannot help you with this. While the times might not represent your ideal schedule, you are in the courses needed for degree progress.