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Texas Energy Management Student Association (TEMSA)

TEMSA is the student-led branch of the McCombs Energy Management Program. Monthly meetings include industry speakers, networking opportunities, workshops, community service, and energy industry recruitment events. TEMSA seeks to not only provide support through the job-search process, but also foster strong student relationships for post-graduation career success.  TEMSA is currently pending endorsement from the American Association of Professional Landmen, Association of International Petroleum Negotiators, Austin Professional Landmen's Association, Houston Association of Professional Landmen, and Dallas Association of Petroleum Landmen.




The CleanTech Group at McCombs is an MBA student organization whose mission is to foster a community of MBA students passionate about environmental sustainability and to support their efforts to address global energy and environmental challenges by facilitating educational, networking, and recruiting opportunities in a range of business functions across the energy and environmental sectors. CTG organizes talks, leads treks to visit with clean tech companies around the country, goes on field trips to see energy in action, hosts happy hours and other social events, supports the Clean Tech Concentrations and CleanTech Fellows program, keeps its members informed about developments in the marketplace and opportunities to get involved on and off campus, and is always open to new ideas and ways to impact our clean energy future.

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Energy Finance Group (EFG)

The Energy Finance Group has three primary support roles for the concentration in energy finance: 1) providing program support for industry, practicum and independent research; 2) promoting the program to prospective students, current students and industry recruiters; 3) facilitating interaction between the faculty, students, and industry leaders through professional, social and academic events.

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Net Impact

Net Impact is an international network of over 50,000 members and 300 chapters that are dedicated to exploring, creating and pioneering ways of using the power of business to create a better world. Net Impact McCombs focuses on issues, including corporate responsibility, employee workplace practices, human rights, environmental sustainability and community development. In 2014, NI McCombs was selected as Net Impact Graduate Chapter of the Year.


Net Impact hosts speaker series with national and local business and community leaders, alumni/member gatherings, career support, and networking opportunities. NI hosts the annual Business for Good Summit, supports membership participation in the national conference, and launched a Board Fellows program in Fall 2010. NI is open to all students, but serve as a professional club for students interested in careers in sustainable business, green marketing, clean energy and technology, public sector consulting, government service, corporate social responsibility, nonprofit management, education, venture philanthropy, international development, microfinance, or any other social impact career.

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