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The Department of Management offers courses in such areas as consulting, change management, human capital management, and entrepreneurship. Students may choose from the available courses to customize a major in general management or follow the focused curriculum in consulting and change management.

General Management Track

The major objective of the general management track is to train broadly competent administrators for service in a wide variety of organizations – public or private, product- or service-oriented, profit or not-for-profit. To accomplish this basic objective, the program offers the student the opportunity to acquire knowledge about the management of human and physical resources and to acquire skills useful in the management of any organization.


  • The following courses: MAN 336 and MAN 374.
  • Twelve semester hours of upper-division Management chosen from the following courses: MAN 325; MAN 337 (any topic), MAN 334M, MAN 338, and MAN 340S.
  • Six semester hours of upper-division social science
  • Additional elective coursework, if necessary, to provide a total of at least 120 semester hours.

Consulting and Change Management Track

The consulting and change management track is designed to prepare students to become leaders in consulting firms, firms which require consulting advice, and firms implementing important changes. From time-to-time every organization experiences the need to renew its ability to compete and often uses external advisors to assist in the process. These consulting processes often involve extensive analyses of the firm’s competitive position, capabilities, organizational processes, culture, etc. Once a new direction is developed the process of implementing the changes must be managed. Examples of such changes include introducing new competitive thrusts, revised organizational structures, new technologies, and expansion into new geographic markets.


  • The following courses: MAN 328, MAN 336, and MAN 374.
  • Nine semester hours chosen from the following: ACC 329, MAN 325, MAN 337 (see catalog for recommended topics), MAN 334M, MAN 338, MAN 340S, O M 337.1 (Total Quality Management), MAN 366P, and MAN 367P.
  • Six semester hours of upper-division social science
  • Additional elective coursework, if necessary, to provide a total of at least 120 semester hours.

Entrepreneurship Minor

The Entrepreneurship Minor is available for both BBA and non-BBA majors. Learn about entrepreneurship fundamentals and what it takes to succeed in entrepreneurship. Students take five short classes, participate in the McCombs School of Business entrepreneurial community, and graduate as part of the Entrepreneurship Minor program. For more details regarding the application process students can RSVP for an information session through our website.