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Applying for a BBA Exchange to McCombs

Below are the forms and information needed to study abroad at the McCombs School of Business for a semester exchange. The deadline for completion of the application and receipt of transcripts and financial support documents is October 1 for spring, and April 1 for fall. Also see our Exchange Student Fact Sheets 2015-2016, includes arrival, orientation, class and exam dates!

  • 2015 - 2016 Fact Sheet and Exchange Student Information 

NOTE: If you are interested in studying at UT Austin but are not participating in an exchange with our partner schools, please contact the UT International Office or Graduate and International Admissions. If you are studying at UT on exchange but not through a direct business-school-to-business-school partnership, please visit The International Student and Scholar Services Office.


Application Instructions

Read all instructions carefully.  Missing, incomplete or incorrect items will delay processing!

  1. The exchange application is online at  
  2. On this first page you will notice various forms mentioned to send to UT.  From you, BBA International Programs Exchange students, we only need these things, uploaded and in English or with an official translation:
  • The Certification of Financial Responsibility Form (CFR), with any accompanying documentation
  • An official academic transcript of the university coursework you have completed 
  • Copy of your passport particulars page

We only need the online application, CFR, transcript and passport copy.  You do NOT need to send the academic information form, an essay, letter of recommendation, CV/resume, or anything else. 

Once you have completed the upload of all items, please send us an email at

We will ask you to provide your preliminary course selection in mid-April or mid-October on a separate web system, and we will send information and instructions later.

  1. In order to apply, you must obtain a University of Texas Electronic ID (UT-EID).  You will use this electronic ID throughout your studies at the University of Texas.  It is very important that you remember your UT-EID and your password.  To start the application; follow the links and instructions and establish your UT-EID. Very Important!!  When creating your EID, enter your name EXACTLY as it appears on your passport – this is extremely important!  Do not use accents or other diacritical marks – the system omits any letter with a mark.  If you have more than one first or last name, be sure to enter all of them.  Students from France, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, and any other location likely to have multiple names, we cannot emphasize enough how important it is to enter your ENTIRE name EXACTLY as it appears on your passport!  If your full name is too long to fit in the field, also enter it as it should appear in the "Other Names which may appear on academic records" field. 
  2. Once you have an EID and start the Application for Reciprocal Exchange Admission, enter the correct semester for which you are applying.  Your authorization code is listed in the Application Instructions email you received from BBA International Programs.
  3. To enter your major from the pull-down box, select “Red McCombs School of Business – Unspecified Business (BBA Exchange Program).”  This is NOT the first item on the pull down list!  You must go near the END of the list.  It is the option just after “School of Social Work.”  Please look carefully before you select the major.

It is very important to select the correct major so you will be enrolled as participating in the BBA Exchange.

  1. When completing biographical information, verify that your name appears exactly as it is listed on your passport (but without accents or other marks – the system omits any letter with a mark).  If you have more than one first or last name, make sure all are listed.
  2. Enter your birth date in the U.S. format of Month/Day/Year. 
  3. Your correct e-mail address is extremely important; this is how we will contact you.
  4. Make sure you certify, save, and then submit your application.  Until you submit the application, it will not be complete. 

Uploading documents:  you must wait 24 hours after submitting your application before uploading the CFR, transcript and passport to  

  1. Fill out the Certification of Financial Responsibility completely, accurately and legibly.  Proof of funding for at least US $8,500 per semester is required; a bank can certify the bottom of the CFR or you can attach a bank statement in English.  This dollar amount will be used on the DS 2019 form, and you are required to present proof of availability when applying for your J-1 visa, so keep a copy for yourself. Upload the financial support form and documentation in English, as a single PDF.  Documentation must show a specific amount available for use; letters of solvency are not sufficient, nor are funds that are part of non-U.S. investments (stocks, bonds, retirement, etc.).  If the financial document belongs to someone other than the student, then the owner of the bank account MUST sign the sponsor's section of the CFR.  
  2. Upload your transcript (as a single PDF), and separately a copy of your passport particulars page. 
  3. Email when you have completed everything; include your EID.  If you do not email us, we will not know your application is complete and will be unable to start the process! 
Everything is due by April 1 for fall or October 1 for spring!

Required Forms

To submit along with the online application:

Certification of Financial Responsibility Form

Students are required to accurately and legibly complete the Certification of Financial Responsibility (CFR) form, as well as supply a statement from a personal bank account, and/or a letter from parents pledging financial support for at least US $8500 per semester. This dollar amount will be used on the DS 2019 form, and you are required to present proof of availability when applying for your visa. You will upload this form as a single PDF to See application instructions for more information


An original, official transcript of the university coursework you have completed (upload the transcript as a single PDF to


Students must submit a copy by email to of their passport particulars page (photo and identification information), with their UT EID written on it.

To submit once accepted to McCombs as an exchange student:

Immunization Records

In the mail out with the DS-2019, exchange students will also receive the “TB and Vaccination History for International Students Form.”  Your physician or health care provider must complete the section on your immunizations history, documenting required tests and immunizations. Please bring the TB and Vaccination History for International Students Form with you to Austin, do not send it in advance.

Everyone will complete tuberculin screening once they arrive in Austin.  The tuberculin test costs about $80.  During Orientation, clinics will be held in addition to regular hours to give these tests.  The Health Center must also review your proof of required immunizations before you can register.  If you have not had the required immunizations already, they are available at the Student Health Center for about $70 each. 

Health Insurance

All international and exchange students are required to have health insurance coverage during their exchange semester(s).  Students are automatically signed up and charged for the UT Student Health Insurance, unless they prove adequate coverage from home and complete the insurance waiver form.

J-1 Visa Information

The on-line application, transcript, and Certification of Financial Responsibility form you submit will be used to create the DS-2019 document, which gives you permission to be here as an exchange student with a J-1 visa.  The University has authorization from the government to produce these, which takes at least a month, and UT must be very careful in handling each one or it risks losing the right to issue DSs.  UT also registers you onto the SEVIS system as part of the process in generating the DS-2019.

The DS-2019 and additional information will be sent to your study abroad coordinator in late May or late November.  Once you receive it, you’ll make an appointment with the U.S. consulate or embassy nearest you (different consulate locations have different policies).  For a listing of U.S. Embassies and Consulates, visit  Take your passport, DS-2019, the original (or copy) of your Certificate of Financial Responsibility Form with documentation, and any other documents required, the $200 SEVIS fee and $141 visa application fee, and obtain your J-1 visa.