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Apply for Internships and Full-Time Positions

BBA Resume Template

McCombs School of Business/UT Austin Resources

As a current Texas BBA student, you have exclusive access to McCombs School of Business and University of Texas at Austin online job boards for your internship or full-time job search.

  • On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) System: OCR is the McCombs School of Business online recruiting system. OCR is exclusively available to currently enrolled McCombs School of Business students during the fall and spring semesters. The OCR system is designed to help you find paid, professional internships or full-time positions that align with the McCombs School of Business Recruiting Requirements. Company positions will be listed as OCI (on-campus interview) or RC (resume collection). Check Your OCR Profile: confirm your major and make sure your resume is included in Resume Books. Non-enrolled students do not have access to OCR; see On-Campus Recruiting Eligibility.
  • McCombs Job Board (MJB)The McCombs Job Board complements the OCR system. It is accessible throughout the calendar year to current McCombs School of Business students and alumni. Company positions posted for current Texas BBA students may be salaried, commission-based, or unpaid.   
  • HireUTexas (formerly AccessUT) The HireUTexas (formerly AccessUT) job board is accessible to all current University of Texas at Austin students and alumni.

BBA Career Planning and Recruiting Guide

The BBA Career Planning and Recruiting Guide will serve as a helpful resource as you update your resume, apply for an internship or full-time position, seek opportunities to network with employers, prepare for interviews, or conduct employer follow-up. 

Resume Writing

Consult the Resume Writing guide for an introduction to resumes, information on types of resumes, Texas BBA resume guidelines, steps and tips for building your resume, formatting tips, and action verbs by topic. Remember to utilize the BBA Resume Template. For On-Campus Recruiting (OCR), Texas BBA students must use the BBA Resume format. If you haven't already done so, update your resume with summer 2013 internships or work, as well as make any updates related to your fall 2013 work and leadership activities.

On-Campus Recruiting (OCR)

Refer to the On-Campus Recruiting guide for helpful information on creating your account in the On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) System, uploading and editing resumes and cover letters, searching for internships and full-time jobs, OCR tips, applying for positions in OCR (On-Campus Interviews and Resume Collections), scheduling interviews in OCR, employer profiles, events/workshops/career fairs, and the OCR calendar. 

Business Attire

Don't forget to wear the appropriate attire to the networking session, career fair, dinner, or interview. The Business Attire guide will help you decide what to wear. Consult the guide for details on: types of business attire (business professional, business casual, and casual), what NOT to wear, do's and don'ts for accessories, general grooming tips and instructions for tying a tie.

Networking Strategies

Learn more about effective networking, and check out the Networking Strategies guide. The guide includes helpful information on: identifying networking opportunities, utilizing networking tools, informational interviews, networking lists, how to work a room, 60-second introduction, and maintaining your network.

Company Research

When preparing for an interview, remember one of the most important steps -- conducting company and industry research! Prepare for your interviews and use the Company Research guide as a resource.  Refer to the guide for information on topics to research, resources (print and online), and questions to consider.

Job Search Correspondence (Cover letters, Thank you emails/cards, etc.)

Use the Job Search Correspondence guide as a reference on corresponding with employers, cover letters, thank you emails, correspondence related to internship or job offers, and professional references list.  

Interviewing Techniques

Reference the Interviewing Techniques guide for helpful guidance about On-Campus Interviews,  McCombs Career Services Code of Ethics, how to prepare for an interview, components of an interview, types of interviews, information for during the interview, answering behavioral interview questions, typical questions, handling unacceptable questions, questions to ask, closing the interview, and general interviewing tips. See the Phone Interviews Guide for more information regarding preparing for a phone interview.”)

Networking Resources

Connect with Employers Through On-Campus Events

  • BBA Career Services Events & Programs:  Connect with employers through BBA Career Services. Events and programs are held throughout the fall and spring semesters, including BBA Women's Council, Target Your Future, IB Prep Week, Career Shadowing Program, Consulting Workshops, and more. Applications for Target Your Future, BBA Women's Council, and the Career Shadowing Program are currently open.  
  • Career Week: Career Week, hosted by BBA Career Services, is held during the first few weeks in the fall and spring semesters. The Career Week events are great for making connections with companies that have internship, full-time, and other professional opportunities.
  • Information Sessions: Throughout the academic year companies planning to interview on-campus may host an information session. The sessions typically include a company presentation and networking session. Check the OCR calendar for a listing of upcoming information sessions.

McCombs School of Business Alumni Directory

Utilize the alumni directory (found on MOR), to identify McCombs School of Business alumni.

Business Card Binder

The business card binder contains business card information for employers who have recently conducted on-campus interviews at the Ford Career Center Interview Suites. Available to current Texas BBA students; ask for assistance at the BBA Career Services front desk.


LinkedIn is the largest online professional network with over 150 million users. The site allows you to connect with classmates, faculty, and family professionally, find new professional opportunities and company information. Join our LinkedIn Group: Texas BBA Career Services Student, Alumni, and Employer Network.

Personal Network

Don't discount the importance of networking to discover job opportunities. Let family, friends, past co-workers and student organization members know about your career goals and the current status of your job or internship search.

Student Organizations

For a list of current McCombs School of Business student organizations, refer to the McCombs Affiliated Student Organizations list.