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Direct Enroll

Direct Enrollment Process

Individual students from invited institutions may apply directly to BBA International Programs. However, before applying directly, students should verify with their school whether they are subject to their institutions own enrollment process. BBA IP will not accept direct enrollment applicants if the partner university manages the application process centrally.

In order to enroll directly, students will complete and submit the following items to BBA International Programs. BBA IP will then verify enrollment and academic standing at partner school to determine eligibility.

  • Online Enrollment  * Enrollment will open March 1- April 15, 2015
  • Program Codes & Policies 
  • Letter of interest expressing (500 word minimum): 
    - The reason for the student’s interest in studying at McCombs or in Austin
    - The relevance of the program for the student’s degree and career interests
    - What the student hopes to gain from the program (professionally or personally)
  • Transcript of grades 

Payment Process and Schedule

  • Non-Refundable Deposit ($500) -   April 15, 2015
  • Program Fee Balance  - May 15, 2015

Upon acceptance, students will receive information and instructions on payment. Please note all students are required to observe the withdrawal schedule set forth by the BBA International Programs Office.



Page last updated: 9/23/2014